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Imagined MISSING SCENE, a radio conversation between commanding officer Admiral Stenz and a Captain on the ground in Las Vegas. 

ADM STENZ: Captain, the nukes are on the move.  We've got to give those men on that train all possible support.  Where is the creature now?

CAPTAIN: We don't know, sir.  After it smashed through the middle of Las Vegas, it just sort of disappeared. 

ADM STENZ: That's... surprising.  I understand the creature is some 300 feet tall.

CAPTAIN: At least, sir, but the problem is it's really, really dark here. 

ADM STENZ: Doesn't its face glow in the dark?

CAPTAIN: It does, sir, but it was mostly facing away from us we figure. 

ADM STENZ: So, none of your men were able to follow it?  Say in a tank, a humvee, or perhaps one of our many helicopters?

CAPTAIN: By the time we thought of that, like I say, it was just, poof, gone. 

ADM STENZ: And... local TV news teams didn't follow it?

CAPTAIN: No, sir.  Once it left the city, they apparently felt it was old news.  You know, "What happens in Vegas..." 

ADM STENZ: But what about civilians?  No one posted any tweets or pictures?

CAPTAIN: The thing is, sir, people come here to gamble, and  casinos don't have windows.  So, except for the few thousand people in the casinos that were crushed, it appears that hardly anyone noticed it. 

ADM STENZ: How about out in the desert?  Maybe some yahoos in dune buggies?  Hikers?  Campers?  One selfie with a location would sure help us out.

CAPTAIN: Not a single tweet, Instagram, Flikr or Fotki, sir.  Kind of amazing, I'll admit. 

ADM STENZ: This is really bad luck.

CAPTAIN: Yes, sir.  And I deeply apologize for any lack of initiative on our part.  But... if I may, I was wondering about tracking it with satellite imagery, or, finding some way to pick up its intense radioactivity, or even, since it literally shakes the earth when it walks, maybe triangulating its position via our extensive southwestern system of seismometers. 

ADM STENZ: All good ideas Captain, but I was disappointed to find out our satellites can't see in the dark.  Plus it turns out we got rid of all our really good geiger counters back in the 1950s when A-bomb tests were banned.  And we do not have the authority to repurpose the seismo network.  It would have to be a bigger emergency.

CAPTAIN: I see.  Well as you say, sir, really bad luck. 

CAMERA PUSHES IN on the grim-faced Admiral.

ADM STENZ: I guess the men on that train are on their own., pub-8117823763915578, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0