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IH cast in rear hub M pedal tractor

John Deere Open Grill A - Pedal Tractor

Desk of Destiny

How to mount a pedal tractor tire

Tremors - S.S. Wilson's Stories

1952 Caterpillar Road Grader driven by S.S. Wilson

Short Circuit - S.S. Wilson's Stories - Johnny 5

S.S. Wilson gives a tour of his office

S.S. Wilson's Stories - 1st Sound Movie

Short Circuit - time lapse of S.S. Wilson assembling standee

Tucker's Monster - a novel by S.S. Wilson

Tucker's Monster promo by S.S. Wilson

Final Appointment

Blood on the Backlot Part 1 of 3

Blood on the Backlot part 2 of 3

Blood on the Backlot part 3 of 3

Deer, Quail and Bobcat get a drink of water

2 baby deer get a drink of water

Owl at birtdbath

snake takes a bath in birdbath. later baby quail, bunny and jack rabbit get a drink

Great Horned Owl

Baby deer with spots, his mothert and big brother

Fraidy Cats - Chapter One

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