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Allis Chalmers "D17" Late Version Pedal Tractor


Manufactured by Eska in the late 1950’s.

Late “D17” has different “D17” decals than the Early “D17” they are like the “D14” decals.

The Rim color is under dispute, either orange or cream colored.

D17’s” are the hardest Allis Chalmers to find.

DECALS: Two on the Left and Right side, a Dash decal & two decals on the Grill, the cream Grill decal and the AC decal

FRONT TIRE: 7x1 1/2” rib tread, flat face, Eska

REAR TIRE: 12x1 3/4” lug tread, Eska

RIMS: Star Rims with low dome hubcaps

HUBS: Round hub with large metal bearings

CHAIN: Regular chain


PEDALS: The 1st and only AC with white pedals with black centers and domed pushnuts

STEERING WHEEL: Flat 3 spoke diecast

SEAT: H Pattern stamped steel seat

HITCH: Eska style Cadmium plated hitch

Check out the video with more information closeups.
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