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IH Midsize H Closed Grill Low Post Pedal Tractor

Manufactured by Eska in the early 1950’s.
Has bronze bushings in the body of the tractor.
Also cast in air breather and stub for muffler hose.

DECALS: Left and Right side, An Eska decal on the back, and a Farmall decal on the Front
GRILL: Closed, cast in grill
FRONT TIRE: 7x1 1/4” rib tread, flat face, Eska
REAR TIRE: 12x1 3/4” lug tread, Eska
RIMS: Smooth Low Dome with high dome painted hubcap
HUBS, STEERING WHEEL, SEAT, HITCH: Same as Midsize “H” Open Grill
HUB: “V” grooved hub held on with 2 rivets or some later ones had curved top hub with 2 rivets
STEERING WHEEL: Large 7” round, 3 spoke also drilled with a set screw
SEAT: Same as is used on Oliver “88”
HITCH: Just a hole cast into the frame
SEAT BRACKET: Approx. 2 1/2” from rear of tractor

Check out the video with more information closeups.

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