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John Deere 20 Early Version Pedal Tractor

Manufactured by Ertl in the mid “60’s.”
Their are two versions and the halves are not interchangeable.
The castings are different around the hubs. Early 20 hubs have no space underneath the hub.
They also have different Ertl model numbers... This is model D63

DECALS: Left and Right side, the back of the Seat, the Dash, the Steering Wheel, and a sticker hood ornament instead of the metal ornament used on the “10”
GRILL: Smooth, similar to the “10”
FRONT TIRE: 7x1 1/2” rib tread, flat face, plain
REAR TIRE: 12x1 3/4” lug tread, plain
RIMS: STAR RIMS with low dome hubcaps
HUBS: Round hub with large metal bearings
CHAIN: Regular
PEDAL: Black ribbed plastic with domed pushnuts.
Pedal crank should be same color as tractor
STEERING WHEEL: Flat, 3 spoke diecast
SEAT: Only used on the “20”
HITCH: Round head, rivet style hitch pin

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