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Ford 900 Chain Steer Pedal Tractor

Manufactured by Graphic Reproductions, this is very rare.

Has the most unique steering system ever used on a pedal tractor.

Painted grey and red with a black seat. Battery painted black.
Some variation in the hubs, seats, and hole pattern at the bottom of the grill, and holes on the sides

DECALS: Cast in raised letters, Ford name on both sides and the Fenders. Painted red.
GRILL: Closed cast in design with emblem, original “900” emblems have some red in the background
HEADLIGHTS: Two headlights with hole in sides of casting to help attach them
FRONT TIRE: 7x1 1/2” Swan tires, rib tread
REAR TIRE: 12x1 3/4” Swam tires, lug tread
RIMS: Star Rims with low dome hubcaps
HUBS: Unique to “900’s” mounted with 3 bolts
CHAIN: Regular
GEAR SHIFT LEVER: Top painted grey
PEDALS: Tear drop, solid rubber with metal ends, held on with domed pushnuts
STEERING WHEEL: Flat 3 spoke diecast
SEAT: Cast seat & fenders unique to “900’s”
HITCH: Hitch pin

Check out the video with more information closeups.


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