S.S. Wilson Takes His Novel Tucker’s Monster to a Halloween Party at Poisoned Pen Book Store in Scottsdale, AZ

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Scottsdale, AZ
Oct 5, 2010

Wadsworth, IL (OPENPRESS) October 5, 2010 -- Following his successful appearance at the West Hollywood Book Fair in Los Angeles, screenwriter S.S. Wilson (known for the such popular movies as Short Circuit, Tremors and The Wild Wild West) joins a ghoulish gallery of noted fantasy authors signing their works at The Poisoned Pen book store in Scottsdale, AZ. The authors are James A Owen (The Dragon's Apprentice), Weston Ochse (Empire of Salt & Scarecrow Gods) , Sam Sykes (Tome of the Undergates) and Larry Corriea (Monster Hunter: Vendetta). Wilson will be signing his new action adventure novel, Tucker’s Monster.

The store, specializing in mysteries and thrillers, will host its “Halloween Party” event Sunday October 24th from 2 to 4 PM at its location on 4014 N Goldwater Blvd. Suite 101 Scottsdale, AZ 85251. For more information call the The Poisoned Pen book store at (480) 947-2974 or visit their website: www.poisonedpen.com.

While Wilson is a veteran of 25 years as a successful screenwriter, he says he is humbled to be in the company of more established authors. “Screenwriting isn’t really a literary medium,” he says. “Your job is writing a blueprint for people to follow in making a film. A screenplay can be entertaining, but it must be clear and concise. In the world of novels, I’m well aware that I have a lot to learn.”

Jumping into world of fiction writing has created some scheduling conflicts, as Wilson is still a busy screenwriter. He and long-time partner Brent Maddock have written scripts for Disney, Universal and Sony over the last three years, in addition to developing the independent project “Night Crew” with director Ron Underwood. “I often find myself writing scripts by day and having to work on my books at night.” The payoff is worth it, but not for financial reasons. Wilson explains with a wry smile, “On books, I get no notes from studio executives, and I don’t get re-written!” referring to Hollywood’s current penchant for having screenplays re-written by multiple writers, usually resulting in disjointed, hodgepodge stories.

Asked if writing novels is harder than writing movies, Wilson says definitively, “Yes. It takes more time, research, and much more thought. In a screenplay, you write, ‘It is New York. 1910.’ You don’t add anything else unless it is essential to understanding the story. An army of departments -- set design, wardrobe, makeup, and transportation, etc. -- is going to come in after you to fill in that little ‘1910’ part. In a book, of course, you have to give the reader ‘1910,’ and in an entertaining voice to boot. With twenty-five years spent learning to write only what’s essential, and to fit every story into about 110 pages, I have to remind myself constantly that I have the freedom to do more, describe anything I want.”

Real Deal Productions is continually adding signings to Wilson’s “Tucker’s Monster” book tour. Currently the following signings have been set in the Southwest and Midwest.

Prescott, Arizona -- Hastings Books Music & Video. October 9th

Glendale, CA. -- Bookfellows/Mystery and Imagination book store. October 16th

Dyersville, IA -- The National Farm Toy Show at Beckman High School - room 218. Nov 5-7.

Additional signings are being arranged in the Chicagoland area in November and December. Visit www.arealdealproductions.com for up-to-date listings. of dates, times and locations.
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